We are in the Age of Technology

Let Excel be at hand, of course, but we produce and share our own software. One side of us is turning to big data, machine learning, intuitive intelligence, artificial intelligence.

Senior and Energetic

With our team, where individuals from the past to the future are blended, away from complexity, an environment where information is produced by passing through the filter of experience and put into use after being tested.


With years of knowledge, bureaucratic experience and expert staff, atc universe; Beyond being your solution partner with return services, full certification services, audit service, inspection consultancy, national and international tax consultancy services, it provides services with a "Guidance" approach.

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Planning, designing, testing

Accounting systems installation and usage consultancy

  • Payroll services and Social Security Institution notifications
  • Financial Statement Reporting
  • Cost accounting
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Measurement, evaluation, guidance

Processing the minutes program with the "Financial Financial Transactions" we produce will perform the Table purchase transactions.

“If you can't measure, you can't manage” is an old management motto that still holds true today. Guiding, understandable and fast measurements in harmony with the developing technology.

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We work in harmony with technology.

We competently use the existing computer programs produced in the field of auditing and taxation. We plan, design and code the programs we need ourselves. In financial matters, we have produced more than 40 windows desktop programs. For example;

  • Inflation Adjustment
  • E-Audit
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Check, take action, reschedule, execute

More than 40 years of experience in the field of public external audit, a burgeoning potential forest in the private sector

It is necessary not only for public administration, but also for business. The most important stage of a management method (Plan, Do, Check, Take Action) used for continuous improvement in quality processes.

Full Certification

full attestation; It means that the annual (income/institutions) tax returns and the accompanying financial statements and notifications are examined in terms of compliance with auditing principles and standards, and the results are reported by using signature and seal by Sworn Financial Advisors.

Tax refund

In order to speed up the returns, determining whether they meet the conditions stipulated for benefiting from the refund application within the scope of the regulations in VAT, SCT and other tax laws, and as a result, issuing a certification report.


Support for establishment, management, commercial accounting, management accounting, cost accounting, financial reporting and budgeting system creation and improvement, and effective and efficient operation of the system in the processes of establishment, management, takeover-merger-liquidation.


Easy-to-use, practical, Windows desktop computer programs for people who are Sworn-in Certified Public Accountant, Certified Public Accountant, Independent Auditor, Financial Advisor, in current financial matters.